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Welcome to Mountain Park Athletic Association's background check page. We appreciate your desire to either coach team or volunteer to work at the park. For the safety and well being of each and every child participating in the Mountain Park Athletic Association, it is the policy of the Association to obtain and utilize background checks for screening potential coaches, volunteers, board members, commissioners, and/or any other position of authority within the Association. As a condition of becoming a coach or volunteer, an executed authorization form and a background check submission form shall be completed online and submitted to the private agency selected by Mountain Park Athletic Association for conducting an individual criminal background check. The agency selected by the Association is LexisNexis. A volunteer failing the background check will be contacted by the appropriate Association representative (typically the sport director for coaches or other sport- related Volunteers or the President for board positions) and notified of the Association's decision. For more information about our background check policy, please return to the Association's home page website and click on "policies/forms". Thank you again for your interest in being considered for a coaching or volunteer position with the Mountain Park Athletic Association.
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First Advantage Volunteer Screening offers low-cost volunteer background screening to youth-serving and other nonprofit organizations, helping to protect the safety of others and the reputation of nonprofit organizations by mitigating risk associated volunteers placed. Screening more than 4 million potential employees or volunteers since 2002, we have identified more than 200,000 individuals with criminal convictions - including more than 3000 registered sex offenders.

Visit our Nonprofit Resource Center to learn more about background screening for nonprofits.
Volunteer Resources
Congratulations on your decision to volunteer with MOUNTAIN PARK ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. To learn more about why background screening is important, please view our Frequently Asked Questions for volunteers. You can also read several reports that underscore the importance of background screening for nonprofit organizations.
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